Resending Keep Website or Not

Hello Classmates!

Today is August 24, 2021 and I am resending the survey again to hopefully receive more responses. As of now, I have received 12 responses to help us decide if we (1) want to keep our website? and (2) should we have our 60th reunion next year?

For those of you who have already responded, I thank you and there's no need to respond again.

Please take care!

Larry Niswonger and Richard Oaks

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1)   Should we keep our ‘62 web page or disband it? If we keep it, seed money will be needed to pay for the Domain renewals. (Richard Oaks and I (Larry Niswonger) have been paying for the annual Domain renewals @ $35.00 per year)

Yes No
2)   Should we have a 60th class reunion next year?

Yes No